Saturday, 8 September 2007

No Seams for me!!

Actually there will be a few seams. But not the horrible long up-the-sides ones, which makes me very happy! Hooray for knitting in the round. This is the bottom of my new made up jumper, I love how it's coming out so far, especially the button bands because I worked out how to do them all by myself! I've got some nice blue buttons to go there, and six smaller ones for the sleeves when I get that far. The solid blue is the Debbie Bliss Merino, the speckled is courtelle...I know I know, it's probably sacrilege to use those two in the same project but I'm too poor to be a yarn snob and the debbie bliss was on sale! Anyway, it's going to have the same deep ribbing and buttons on the cuffs and a cowl neck, both done in the solid blue. I think it will be pretty!

Here is the finished accidental scarf:

I love it so much! It's really pretty and really warm, now I just need to wait for it to get nice and cold so I can wear it all the time.

I GOT AN A IN MY MODERN EXAM!!!!! I was so amazingly happy, I got 87 out of 100 with two 10s! For my dance and dance performance!

I start uni a week tomorrow, which is a tiny bit scary but mostly exciting. I want to finish knitting the blue sweater before that if I can, because it's going to be manic in fresher's and I won't have time for knitting!

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