Monday, 8 October 2007

Ahhhhhhhhh, dpns! :)

I am over my hatred for dpns. I can do it now! It took a bit of getting used to what with having twice the normal amount of needles in your hands, but I have succeeded. Here, in all it's glory.....Le Slouch!

I love this hat, I really really do. It's so warm and comfortable, and actually looks quite cute on me! Yay for un-silly hats. I wore it today and lots of people in my lectures said they liked it, I was pleased! And were impressed that I knitted it, mwa ha ha.

Slouch only ended up using two of my three balls of Alpaca Silk, so I needed something to do with the rest.... so today, I cast on Fetching from Knitty, because hey it can only look cuter with matching gloves! I've finished one glove (in a day! I don't know what's come over me but I really need to stop knitting so fast, I need the money for other things - like food!), and here it is:

Woo more dpn-ing! I love how this has come out as well, my only fear is that I won't have quite enough yarn to finish the second one. Oh well, I will find out tomorrow! Hopefully I can get the second one done tomorrow after lectures, then I can go to Asda with matching hat and gloves and be oh so cool!

I need to tidy my room, tomorrow is cleaning day for meeee. I might get up early and do it then instead though. Ha I'm so lazy. Plus that means I can cast on Fetching #2 tonight!

I am also going to do some situps....unimpressed with the wobbly stomach-ness!

Sunday, 7 October 2007


So, yesterday I found the yarn shop in Putney. It's AMAZING. So many beautiful yarns! Expensive for moi le student though, so I'll have to not go there too often, it's too tempting! I did get some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk to make Le Slouch though, and also some DPNs.

Ahhhh those DPNs! This is my first time attempting to use them, and they've been driving me crazy all morning! Stitches keep falling off, mysterious loose yarn for no reason....I think (touch wood) I'm starting to get the hang of it a little now though.

Here is the beautiful yarn:

Oo and yesterday morning, I made a Calorimetry! Sooooo quick to knit!

I think I shall make more of these in different colours, I like it!

Anyhow.....I shall now go battle with the dpns some more. Possibly there will be progress pictures later, if I don't snap them in half in frustration!

Thursday, 4 October 2007


Here it is! The blue sweater is done..... as you can see, it isn't a cowl neck any more - not enough yarn! - but I love it all the same.

This is the stitch pattern on the edgings (and cute buttons)....

I love it very very much!

So near yet so tired...

Ok, it's twenty five to three in the morning and I am still up sewing up my my defence, I only got in from Fez about an hour or so ago though. Still.

I'm too tired to post pictures now and anyway it isn't QUITE finished, but I'll put some up tomorrow. And in the meantime, I will say......


It is so goddamn cute! I'm going to wear it everyday! Best thing I've ever made!

Now wait for the pictures :P

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Long time no blog....

I'M IN ON RAVELRY! Finally! Very exciting stuff, I think this afternoon will be mainly spent playing around on it.

I'm also at uni now! Which means not much time for knitting. Uni is amazing though, I love it so much. Lots of dancing and partying, it's so much fun!

Although there hasn't been much time for knitting, the blue sweater is nearly done, although I'm running out of dark blue so the neck might not turn out quite how I want it. I've just got that and the rest of one sleeve and the sewing up to do and then it's done! And then I'll have nothing to knit because all my stash is at home, but luckily I've seen an interesting looking yarn shop in Putney, so I'll have to investigate!

Anyway, back to Ravelry!