Monday, 8 October 2007

Ahhhhhhhhh, dpns! :)

I am over my hatred for dpns. I can do it now! It took a bit of getting used to what with having twice the normal amount of needles in your hands, but I have succeeded. Here, in all it's glory.....Le Slouch!

I love this hat, I really really do. It's so warm and comfortable, and actually looks quite cute on me! Yay for un-silly hats. I wore it today and lots of people in my lectures said they liked it, I was pleased! And were impressed that I knitted it, mwa ha ha.

Slouch only ended up using two of my three balls of Alpaca Silk, so I needed something to do with the rest.... so today, I cast on Fetching from Knitty, because hey it can only look cuter with matching gloves! I've finished one glove (in a day! I don't know what's come over me but I really need to stop knitting so fast, I need the money for other things - like food!), and here it is:

Woo more dpn-ing! I love how this has come out as well, my only fear is that I won't have quite enough yarn to finish the second one. Oh well, I will find out tomorrow! Hopefully I can get the second one done tomorrow after lectures, then I can go to Asda with matching hat and gloves and be oh so cool!

I need to tidy my room, tomorrow is cleaning day for meeee. I might get up early and do it then instead though. Ha I'm so lazy. Plus that means I can cast on Fetching #2 tonight!

I am also going to do some situps....unimpressed with the wobbly stomach-ness!


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