Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Long time no blog....

I'M IN ON RAVELRY! Finally! Very exciting stuff, I think this afternoon will be mainly spent playing around on it.

I'm also at uni now! Which means not much time for knitting. Uni is amazing though, I love it so much. Lots of dancing and partying, it's so much fun!

Although there hasn't been much time for knitting, the blue sweater is nearly done, although I'm running out of dark blue so the neck might not turn out quite how I want it. I've just got that and the rest of one sleeve and the sewing up to do and then it's done! And then I'll have nothing to knit because all my stash is at home, but luckily I've seen an interesting looking yarn shop in Putney, so I'll have to investigate!

Anyway, back to Ravelry!

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