Sunday, 26 August 2007

Beautiful Things...

I'm knitting an accidental scarf. I say accidental, because this yarn was never meant to be a scarf at all. I bought it to be contrast ribbing on a cowl neck sweater, but unfortunately the day I went yarn shopping I forgot my swatch. This led to the colours being completely warped in my mind in the shop, so although I have a beautiful greeny-blue chunky courtelle it doesn't go at all with the rest of the sweater. It'll make a lovely scarf though. It's also accidental, because I was going to do a common-or-garden cable along the centre, but got distracted and put stitches at the back when they should have been at the front. I couldn't face frogging it and I think it actually looks nicer, so it's like that now! I will put up pictures next time I post, it's pretty though.

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