Friday, 3 August 2007

In Which Sleeves are made....

Here is half a sleeve:

I decided to go with an eyelet pattern, just to make it more interesting really. I like the effect! Those are actually complete circles, just the camera is doing something funky. That's sleeve one, it comes to just above the elbow so far, which is quite good progress seeing as I haven't been knitting much the last few days. I really want to get this finished though, I'm thinking of about three more things I want to knit every day, which is not so good!

We did a pub quiz last night, it was crazy fun. Our team (Frog Dancing wooo!) came last, but I won the raffle so I have a bottle of wine. We think it was incredibly biased though, the music round let us down because being about twenty years younger than most of the other competitiors, we weren't even born when the bands were around. Oh well, none of them knew what a prime number was!

Me and Matt also went to Waterworld the other day, which was amazing! I'm not going to get much knitting done in the next week I don't think, these next two weekends there are lots of parties happening, and we're going to paint a house in the week in between. So I'll try and finish the black sweater the next couple of days....whether that happens or not we shall see!

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