Sunday, 5 August 2007

So many beautiful things....

I went shopping. Look at this:

Yes yes, I'm still knitting something and I have more wool to knit other things after, but there was a sale! The blue is Courtelle, and will be a sweater for me. The gold is Wendy Melody and is going to be a scarf for my mum. For ages she's been asking me to knit her a scarf from 'that shiny wool' in the yarn shop, so it shall be done! That was me being restrained, I also want some dark red merino for a scarf, and something for at least two other sweaters.

I also went trawling the charity shops trying to find things to frog, but ended up getting distracted! I found a beautiful light purple lambswool and angora v-neck, which I think I'm going to keep as it is, it's lovely, I just think it makes my boobs look too big. The main find though was these:

These are Bloch dance trainers, brand new and in exactly my size. If I bought them new, I'd be at least £40 poorer.....I got them for £2.95. I can't believe it, they've never even been worn! So I can take them to uni with me, I'm really happy about this!

The black sweater is coming so slowly, in fairness though I haven't been knitting much. I went out last night, to a party and then the Buttermarket, so no knitting then. I saw Steph though, which was cool because I haven't seen her for ages. One sleeve is almost up to the armpit, the other I haven't started yet. I must get more done today! So now, I start knitting.....

Oh and in other news, it's finally got sunny and I have the worst cold in the world. Unimpressed!

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