Saturday, 11 August 2007

The Black Sweater is Finished!!!

Finally, it is done! The sleeves took forever, mainly because I never did much at a time....but I love it, I love it so much! I've worn it the last two evenings when it got cold and it's so warm and cosy. And it's flattering, it isn't huge and shapeless! I love it!

Here are the pictures:

Love how the sleeves came out, the circle pattern looks really pretty. And the neckline came out really well too, that was a bit of a gamble because I was making it in completely the wrong gauge, but it turned out well! I don't think I'll even crochet around it, I quite like it how it is. This is definately my new favourite jumper!

The seaming was a bitch though, I still haven't got the shoulders quite neat enough. So, my next project is to be knit in the round! And talking of which, this morning I have been knitting a swatch. Here it is, along with my not-so-impressive arch:

I'm in love with this yarn. The colours are so pretty! It's going to be a raglan sweater. After this though, I need to start knitting things for Matt's birthday, because it's in two and a half months and I'll be at uni (woo!) for one of them so probably won't have much time for knitting!


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Lindsay said...

I love the arms of your sweater, so pretty!