Monday, 30 July 2007

Black Fitted Sweater: Work in Progress pictures

I finished the back! So of course I had to pin it together with the front and try it on, which in turn led to pictures. I'm so pleased with how it's going so far - I absolutely loathe baggy sweaters, if I'm wearing it then it must be fitted! - and this looks to be shaping up well. Believe it or not it's still based on Dragonfly from Knitty, you can't really tell though. All I've taken from there is the neckline and armhole shaping, I winged the main body. So, here goes!

Ah I'm so pleased with this, there's nothing worse than spending hour upon hour knitting something, and then when you try it on it doesn't fit how you wanted. So, now I'll be starting the sleeves. I was going to do them in plain stocking stitch again with rib edging, but now I'm not so sure for two reasons:

1) After the front and back I'm ever so bored of stocking stitch!
2) As I mentioned here, I have a book from the library with lots of amazing stitch patterns in which I'm itching to try out, so I might do something with eyelets or cables perhaps? Not sure if it'd be better than a basic sweater though. Hmmmm.

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