Saturday, 28 July 2007

Trouble in t' Shire...

Someone got stabbed in my town last night. I think. I was walking to work this morning, and when I got in to town one side of the road was closed with all tape over the pavement, and there were men in white overalls with face masks cleaning up a whole load of blood. And it was a lot....and then later, when I was fetching my lunch some people in the sandwich shop were talking and said someone got stabbed. Now, my town is not big - it's right by Wales in the middle of the country - and in the last year two prostitutes were murdered, a policeman was shot dead and someone was shot on the dancefloor at one of the clubs (we only have about two anyway). This seems to me to be quite a lot of serious crime for such a small place! It's quite scary really, I think I'm going to be a bit nervous going out now, knowing that some nutters out there take guns and knifes with them out on the town.

...I just looked on the news website, it said two men suffered serious lacerations in an attack early this morning, they're in hospital, so hopefully they'll be ok.

In other news:

Today was my last shift at work! This is what I mainly spent it doing...

Oh yes, more designs for knitting patterns. I wish I could knit as fast as I think of things I want to make, that's three sweaters there. I'm going to have to organise myself with some kind of folder system I think.

After work, I went for a finishing-work-celebration drink with Chrissy, which was cool, and then I watched some bands in the square with Jon in the rain! There was the son of the guy who did the 'My Old Man's A Dustman' song, he was good. I wish he'd played that song though!

And now, the rest of my night shall be spent on the black jumper!

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