Monday, 30 July 2007

The Morning After the Night Before

So I went to Jen's last night. She decided we all had to go in fancy dress as a rock genre, so I was a goth:

Sexy! Anyway, we drank lots of drinks and played Guitar Hero, Star Trek Interactive Board Game (hell me, it's amazing and I've never watched star trek in my life.... a klingon shouts at you from the tv and its got really crappy old school special it) and Dead or Alive. A good time was had by all, sadly I feel awful today - brought on by a combination of too much alcohol and staying up until 4am. Oh well, did I mention I don't have to work?!

13718th in line for Ravelry...slowly but surely....

Here is current progress on black jumper by the way:

Rubbish picture, I blame webcam. When Matt comes round I might steal his digital camera and take better pictures. Actually his camera is probably already here, most of his stuff is, but in my semi-comatose state I'm not going to be searching for it right now! Anyway, as you can see the back is nearly done, I've just started the armhole shaping. I need to alter the neckline though, so I need to calculate a bit before I knit any more. That's my task for this morning.

Although I might have a little snooze first!

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