Friday, 27 July 2007

London Calling

I'm so tired today, got back from London at midnight after getting up at 6am. But oh my god I can't wait to live there! It's such an exciting place, plus my bus went down Oxford Street, and the shops there are about as big as a whole shopping centre here, good stuff! And my uni-to-be gets more gorgeous every time I go....e.g.:

Ahhh it's so pretty! Plus I got to meet some people I'll be there with who were all really nice. We had a look through the windows of the halls, I hope I'm in Willow or Aspen, but if not Garden Court looked nice too. I want the letter to come now telling me where I've got! We also went and had a look in Putney, which was nice too, lots of shops and things. I can't wait to go, less than two months left!

I've got work this afternoon, last shift but one - it's going so slowly! Then when I'm done I get some time off, me and Matt are going to go to Leamington and paint a house as well, we're getting paid £700 which isn't too bad. I can't wait to not have to go to work, it's going to be so nice not having to get up in the mornings any more! And I'm definately ready to do something else now.

Not entirely sure why the first bit of writing is blue incidentally....(edit: it's ok, i fixed it!)

My jumper is getting on well too, I didn't get as much done on the way to London as I wanted because I fell asleep! But I've done about 7 inches of the back, it's looking good. I'll do some more this morning before work, can't do much tonight though because I'm going to Jen's.

It's sunny today! For once! But I have to work, I bet it's raining again by the time I finish on Sunday. Oh well, my jumper will come in useful!

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