Friday, 27 July 2007

Misuse of working hours

Wow two posts in one day! Although the one earlier was technically yesterday's post, just I got back too late to write anything and went straight to sleep. So anyway, today I have been at work for the penultimate time! On my break, I went to the library and got the most amazing book. It's called "The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches", and it's incredible! It has about 900 different stitch patterns, more than half of them are for knitting and they've given me so much inspiration already. I was reading it slyly under the counter and spent the last couple of hours designing a scarf (don't ask me why I wanted to make a scarf in July!), it's really pretty. I'm going to make it out of something soft and dark red I think. Anyway, tonight I'll type up that pattern and then when I've done my jumper I can make a start on that. Or something else, I have too much I want to knit!

Talking of the jumper, it's getting on well. I've finished the waist decreases and now I'm increasing for the bust, it's quite monotonous all being in stocking stitch, but oh well. Then I have to work out how to alter the sleeves to fit and make them, and then it's all ready to sew and block! Ahhh I love finishing things.

I'm not going to Jen's tonight now because she's ill, so I'll be going there probably Sunday instead. Which means knitting tonight! Hopefully I can finish the back and maybe make a start on the sleeves. I won't get much done tomorrow because me and Chrissy are going for a celebratory drink when I finish work, but Matt's busy on Sunday so I might get the sleeves done then. Rrrrright to work!

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